Hoffan Virus


Hoffan Virus



The challenge:

Welcome to the “Hoffan Virus”!

You are one of the survirors of a global pandemic. You and your group have wandered days without end, and then one day you’ve found this CDC lab where scientists worked hard to find a cure.
No one knows what happened to them. Did they just disappear? Did they ran away? Die?
The good news is that the cure is within your reach. The bad one is that the lab security system won’t let you get out. You’ll need to re-perform the analysis the scientist were doing and try to find the cure/escape.

Good luck!




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New Room – Dracula. Is he still alive?

Dracula didn’t die as described on Bram Stoker’s book. In reality Dracula fled England to Lisbon ona ship. Abraham Van Helsing in his unshakeable search and goal of Dracula’s destruction came after him.
You and your friends were exploring an old abandoned mansion when you found this room. You are locked in.
Is Dracula still alive? What happened to Van Helsing? Is there a way to escape or are you stuck in there for ever?

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