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Escape The Room is a live escape game designed for groups of 2-5 people per game and located in Lisbon. You get 60 minutes to find your way out from the room you are locked in. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in time! Most of the Escape The Room game requires brainwork & team thinking in the first place, however there are some smaller physical parts of the game.

Escape The Room is an excellent team building or family/friends event.

To check our schedule, make a reservation or buy a gift voucher for Escape The Room, please check out the booking page.

In case you’re wondering about the chances of a last minute drop in, please drop a line! Thanks!

We offer fantastic corporate rates for large groups/school teams ensuring a great day for you, your staff and your students. Contact us now and book your new team building experience!



We simply lock up a handful of people (2 to 5) into a small space, that looks like just a normal room at first sight. However, it is a smartly designed environment where the captives need to really open their eyes and start combining their smarts to discover many hidden objects, codes, keys, riddles and clues that will help them complete their simple final goal: escaping the room in 60 minutes!

In this 60-minute instant activity we call Escape The Room, team members have the opportunity to work on an indoor live escape adventure.

During the game they quickly & playfully assign their own roles & responsibilities while indirectly practicing both individual & team thinking. Teams need to truly live and breathe in union for that one hour to achieve their goal and full focus is both essential and guaranteed by the end of the project. And all this happens without any tricky instructors present!


Most of the Escape The Room games requires brainwork & team thinking in the first place, however there are some smaller physical parts of the game. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available for disabled persons because the building is not proper for wheelchair users.

The game venue does play background music & also sound effects to alert the players about electronic hints. (There is no hearing assistance system during the game – therefore at least one member is advised to play without hearing problems.)

Lighting level is medium in all game rooms & reception.Please let us know of your specific requirements when booking your tickets in order to get the best Escape The Room experience.


When the big day arrives and you come to Escape The Room with your friends, families or colleagues – please try to arrive on time for the game, at latest 15 minutes before scheduled start.

Games and instructions are rotating constantly and reception has limited space so early birdies might need to wait outside, while late birds might not manage to get inside at all as we cannot slip appointment of groups next in line.

The effective game time is exactly 60 minutes and we start sharp at the time booked, however we need a couple of minutes before each session to provide you with instructions.


Certain terms and conditions relate to behavior as follows:

· It is strictly prohibited to make any photos, videos during the game.

· After leaving the room, sharing clues and information on the rooms at any social networking sites is strictly forbidden that imply serious legal consequences.

· Each participant take full responsibility for their own safety and well being while using the rooms.

New Room – Dracula. Is he still alive?

Dracula didn’t die as described on Bram Stoker’s book. In reality Dracula fled England to Lisbon ona ship. Abraham Van Helsing in his unshakeable search and goal of Dracula’s destruction came after him.
You and your friends were exploring an old abandoned mansion when you found this room. You are locked in.
Is Dracula still alive? What happened to Van Helsing? Is there a way to escape or are you stuck in there for ever?

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